Who we are


Mizan is a Jordanian non-governmental organization established on 5th August 1998 by a group of female and male lawyers and registered as a non-profit company at the Ministry of Industry and Trade under no.3. It aims at promoting, protecting and monitoring human rights in Jordan to ensure respect for human dignity.

To achieve its mission, Mizan seeks to raise public awareness of human rights, monitor discrepancies and violations and provide legal protection to victims as necessary. It provides training to lawyers concerned with offering legal protection to victims of human rights violations, strives to empower vulnerable groups across the Kingdom  so as to enjoy their full rights and ensure their access to justice, through direct interaction and through field and practical work, addresses their complaints and follows up their cases with concerned parties (the legislative, executive and judicial authorities)  as well as through the provision of programs, projects and services of a specialized legal nature and in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Founding Declaration of Mizan for Law

Every person -regardless of his/her  location-has the right to enjoy full  rights and freedoms  enshrined in religious teachings and all benefits attained  due to the relentless efforts , ingenuity and persistent  struggle of mankind  aimed at ensuring  respect and  safeguarding  the  human dignity ,  and establishing and  promoting  values of justice, freedom  and equality  as inherent natural rights  for  every  human being without distinction of any kind whether on basis of  race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

In spite of provisions of the international law and provisions and principles embedded in national legislations for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in spite of the provisions of various international instruments, declarations and conventions on human rights  and incorporated subsequently in  national constitutions and  legislations  and adopted by different intellectual platforms and schools of thought  in various societies, and despite efforts made so far to address violations of individual, collective, political, economic, social and cultural rights,  violations continue to occur in various societies and worldwide.

As  legal protection is considered as one the most important means  to ensure  protection of human rights, confront  violations,  provide  redress to victims and end their oppression,  and also to apply deterring penalties and effective measures to ensure  respect  for human rights  and freedoms, and because the responsibility of empowering individuals and groups to enjoy and to exercise these  rights and to ensure respect and effective enforcement  thereof   is normally and mainly the responsibility of Governments and different  official authorities,  and require concerted efforts from all parties, we - as dedicated female and male specialist lawyers and jurists  at Mizan - have agreed  to work together, and are convinced that it is our role and our duty to translate words into deeds and rhetoric  into action , beliefs into performance , and zeal into an act of giving and therefore we  deemed it necessary to institutionalize our individual efforts  in the form of  an organized collective action which would ultimately contribute to transforming  human rights principles and tenets  from  an elite object or elite  culture  into a practical tool that would eventually lead to improving  lives of people through direct practical field work and close interaction - by working with them  and for them - no matter where they are : in courts ,   in  government institutions, or public departments,  or  with the  relevant authorities (legislative, executive or judicial)  and with non-government organizations (NGOs)  and civil society institutions  by  offering  programs, projects and specialized  legal services using our professional and technical  expertise in the field of human rights and law protection  and the skills and knowledge we gained through  studying and practicing law as well as by working with several Jordanian, Arab and international Human rights organizations and institutions so as to provide professional legal advice and quality effort besides the efforts made by other different parties and platforms  aimed at  protecting and safeguarding  human rights  in our beloved country Jordan within the framework of a  democratic civil society based  on the principles of rule of law, independence of the judiciary, respect and protection of human rights  with the purpose of strengthening Arab and  international  solidarity and exchange in this field, strengthening  the role of lawyers in spreading legal knowledge and promoting the rule of law as well as facilitating the use of legal means and contributing to the development of national legislations in order to ensure  respect  and exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms ;

"Therefore , and for these reasons and upon such considerations, we have established MIZAN for Law and hope that our nascent venture would attain  its goals and achieve its objectives so as to provide necessary assistance and support in cooperation with people  sharing same goals , vision  and beliefs in the service of  the  noble cause of human rights “.